We Are Not Saints - Lockdown Liberation T-shirt

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Back in the heady days of Covid-19 when we were all staring at the same four walls and Boris said we should "stay at home, don't stay at home, and be alert for a microscopic virus" we ran a competition for all our faithful Facebook followers to design a brand spanking new t-shirt to celebrate the end of lockdown and here it is!

Designed by the awesome K-Dot this fantastic t-shirt features all of the elements that makes up We Are Not Saints, the devil in our past, the love in our hearts, the wings that lift us, and the halo we hope for. Made up of the key primary coulours this one off design is up there with some of the great brand t-shirts.

Available in heather grey or black this is a must own for anyone in recovery (or those who aren't) who want to support our fantastic cause!

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