Liberation Through the Looking Glass Ltd Edition Vinyl LP

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When the coronavirus pandemic hit and the ensuing lockdowns arrived throughout 2020 it looked pretty bleak for We Are Not Saints and the musicians we work with. We were staring down a very long dark road of no gigs, no recording, no rehearsing, and no community. Bummer right?!?!

Thankfully we did what we do best in recovery which is to adapt, look on the bright side, and carry on regardless (with social distancing adhered too of course!).

With the help of Arts Council England, we were able to gather eight of the musicians we work with and asked them to write some songs relating to their experiences of being in recovery in lockdown. What we received back were 25 beautiful, diverse, and poignant tracks that mark a very clear moment in the lives of those that have contributed.

This vinyl is a collection of eight of the very best of those tracks. As well as marking the most significant shared human experience of a generation this is also the first-ever vinyl release from We Are Not Saints and is limited to just 200 copies.

These collected works feature; Callum Johnstone, Full Spectrum, Deiphos Jay, Annie Murray, Jimtrickster, Helena B, 40wildsages, and Man Like Malcolm.

With a full digital release scheduled for 22/01/2021 featuring all songs, this rare vinyl release is a must-have for anyone wishing to own a piece of We Are Not Saints history.

Liberation Through the Looking Glass is an album inspired by what it means to be in recovery in Lockdown.

When isolation is the enemy and connection is key to your survival what shape does the world take?

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