When the coronavirus pandemic hit and the ensuing lockdowns arrived throughout 2020 it looked pretty bleak for We Are Not Saints and the musicians we work with. We were staring down a very long dark road of no gigs, no recording, no rehearsing, and no community.


Thankfully we did what we do best in recovery which is to adapt, look on the bright side, and carry on regardless (with social distancing adhered too of course!).

With the help of Arts Council England, we were able to gather eight of the musicians we work with and asked them to write some songs relating to their experiences of being in recovery in lockdown.


What we went on to record were 25 beautiful, diverse, and poignant tracks that mark a very clear moment in the lives of those that have contributed.

"Liberation Through the Looking Glass"

Landing in mid-2020 right at the tail of the first UK lockdown 'Insanity' is a far darker offering from Delta Sun. Pointing in the direction of an altogether more driven and richer sound and shows a ferocious leap forward in their style. This standalone single offered us a rare glimpse into songwriter Deiphos Jay's past and had us all chanting along to the parental unfriendly lyrics.

Recorded just before the coronavirus pandemic this awesome debut from British-Italo rockers Delta Sun packs a big punch. The super catchy A-side gathered a fair amount of radio interest in the UK and overseas. B-side 'No Need' shows a mellower approach to their sound but carries it's own as a killer track and not just filler for this stand-out first rodeo.

We Are Not saints 6th release and the first of 2020 was from our very own funk and soul kingpin, Man like Malcolm, this creative powerhouse originally came to us with over 90 songs and these two made the cut. Recorded at the awesome Northbrook MET studios during summer 2019 these tracks capture Malcolm's charm, style, and sense of poetry perfectly.

Written at the time of the Brexit referendum 'Sensible Centrist' was resurrected for the 2019 General Election. Callum's indomitable political fire-starting sparked a fair amount of controversy both on and off social media and it was a fun time putting out those smoldering pyres.

For We Are Not Saints it was a fantastic opportunity for us to support an artist with a banner to nail to the mast and controversy aside it's a belter of a song. Featuring musical legend Herbie Flowers on Tuba it was a joy to bring to the world 

Released in October 2019 'Wee Submarine' is the socio-political debut from Callum Johnstone. This fantastic collection of Celtic-folk-punk anthems is just a taste of what's to come from the mild-mannered Scotsman!

Egg Shells was the 2nd single for Suffolk born Liam and our 3rd single out of the gate. Liam's pop sensibilities shine brightly throughout this record and B-side "Ginger Babies is easily as good as its A-side counterpart. Featuring the phenomenal Nick Flowers on drums and Dave P on bass it's a dancey belter of a release.

Our 2nd release 'Pink Fluffy Clouds' was the debut single from cheeky charmer Liam Boraman. Liam's effortless, emotionally charged, acoustic pop style had us all itching to get into the studio, especially for Liam who had never recorded before. Telling of his childhood and time just before entering rehab this biographical is captivating and gives a rare insight into Liam's past.

Our first ever release 'My Sweet Regret' was a big deal way back in January 2019. We'd known Jimtrickster for several years prior to the birth of We Are Not Saints but never knew the talent that lay in this mild-mannered spiritual soul. One fine day he brought us some songs, including b-side 'Let Your Heart be Your Navigator', and we were blown away by his soulful indie style.

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