Callum Johnstone

We first happened across Scotsman Callum at some of the local recovery open mics and instantly fell in love with his punky, anti-folk style. Listeners may hear elements of bands such as The Pogues and Floggin' Molly in Callum's music and that Celtic acoustic punk is a style that gets feet stomping and hands clapping every time. 


Lyrically, Calum tells of his life experiences but also adds elements of socio-political commentary that will instatntly appeal to any non-Daily Mail readers.  

"Your benefits are cut and the libraries are shut but we've got our wee submarines?"

Callum Johnstone has been in recovery for 3 years.

Liam Boraman

Suffolk born Liam was the first artist we approached to work with us here at the label. His effortless, emotionally charged, acoustic pop style had us all itching to get into the studio, especially for Liam who had never recorded before.

Taking everything in his stride, Liam is Mr Charisma, whether its road testing a new track or roaming the streets of Brighton on a 7am photo shoot, he really is happy all the time! We'll be heading back into the studio very soon to lay down Liam's first single. Watch this boy! He's very, very likeable!

"Did James Bond ever get away? Who knows?"


Liam has been in recovery for 1 year.

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Man Like Malcolm

Our very own funk and soul king pin, Man like Malcolm, is a creative powerhouse of astonishing proportions. Often found busking on the streets of Brighton, his style and sheer vibrancy radiate an easy cool that makes everyone smile.

Malcolm's notoriety as a phenominal jazz guitarist first brought him to our attention, but it was his husky tones and the depth of his songwriting that made us want to bring him into the fold. 

We can't wait to get back in the studio with Malcolm. The only question is which of his hundreds of tracks to record?

"I love this City, It's home"


Malcolm has been in recovery for 2 years.


Jimtrickster has always proven to be a bit of a dark horse in the We Are Not Saints camp. A friend to most of us already, he approached Chris in mid-2018 and said he'd secretly been recording some songs, "Just for myself, but I'd like your opinion?". To be honest most of us didn't even know he still played so we had to have a listen didn't we?.

What he brought to the table were some of the most beautifully crafted acoustic pop songs we'd heard. With nods to Bowie, Dylan and Tom Waits we knew Jim's music had to be our first release.

'My Sweet Regret', was released digitally on January 25th. If you'd like an exclusive CD why not head to the merch page and grab yourself a piece of history.

"I remember us as bolts of lightning, lighting up everything"


Jimtrickster has been in recovery for 10 years.

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