Welcome to the FAQ's, on this page you should find answers to all those burning questions you're dying to ask. If you can't find what you're looking for, why not drop us a message via the contact page?

So what is We Are Not Saints?
If you haven't already guessed, We Are Not Saints is a not-for-profit record label, artist development, management, and live events company working with musicians and talent in recovery from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. With over 20 years experience in the music industry, Director Chris De Banks found his sobriety in 2016 and realised that not only was there a wealth of overlooked talent in the recovery community, but also that the music industry is an inaccessible minefield for musicians who still wanted to perform and create music, whilst maintaining their long term sobriety a priority. With this understanding, he set forth and with the support of the community and a handful of music industry associates, We Are Not Saints was born.

I'm a musician in recovery, how do I get to work with you?
Send us a message through the contact page, it's that simple. We'll definitely ask to hear some stuff so have a phone recording of your songs that you can send over but we'd love to hear what you're up to.
If you're not a songwriter but play awesome guitar, bass, drums, keys, violin, bassoon, oboe, or any other instrument drop us a line, chances are we'll have a gig for you.

I'm not in recovery but I am a musician and I want to get involved?
To be honest, we love this, we're already very blessed to work with some great musicians who support us in what we do and we'd love to welcome you to the clan. It was a really tricky question when we set out as to whom we could have onboard but as time has gone by the answer became simple. All we ask is that you respect what we do, respect the recovery of the people we support and the challenges they face and we will treat you like part of the family. Sound fair?

I'm in an awesome band, we're not in recovery but we need a label?
Sorry, dude, it's not in our remit. There are a million independent labels out there that you can approach. If you're not having much luck then try self-releasing, there's a wealth of blogs and guidance online about how to get your records out there so go have a go. You're not going to make millions and sell out arenas but then it's not about that is it? It's about the music right?

I think I have a drink or drug problem. Can you help?
We Are Not Saints isn't a service or fellowship but we can help to signpost you. The majority of our volunteers and musicians are in recovery and practice a program. If you need help do drop us a message and someone will be in touch to give you some direction of the best people to speak to. We will help you where we can but it is always best to speak with the professionals.

So, are you a charity? How are you funded?
We Are Not Saints isn't a charity at present but that may change in the future. Our official structure is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and our governing documents are the same as a community interest company. What this means is that we don't have any shareholders and all profits have to be redistributed back to working with the next amazing musician in recovery. 
So far we have been blessed to receive funding via Crowdfunder, The Forward Trust, Unltd, Arts Council England, National Lottery, and Brighton Soup. We also make a small amount from our live shows and merchandise which keeps the wolves from the door.  
We're always looking for more funding to keep the ball rolling though so if you fancy being a part of the story why not get in touch? You could sponsor a show or a record or any number of endeavors. If not then you could just buy one of our cool t-shirts?

Isn't it all a bit Kumbaya, DIY, church halls?
Hahaha, erm.... no! At We Are Not Saints we pride ourselves on the musicianship of our artists and the quality of our releases. Our events are designed within an inch of their lives and we do not cut corners. We are very much a music enterprise and as such we operate at the highest level. Why not check out some of our releases to see what's on offer?

So that's it for the FAQ's we hope you found what you're looking for, if not ping us a message or check out our original Crowdfunder video below for a bit more insight.