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Welcome to the UK's only record label working with

musicians in recovery from addiction!

If you're here you've probably seen us or heard of us, or just stumbled across us, and might be wondering what all the fuss is about?

Established in 2018, We Are Not Saints is a platform for musicians in recovery from addiction to re-discover their creativity and find their way to be active in music, without having to face the dangers presented to them in conventional music scenes. We help our artists to develop, record, release and perform their music live, all in a safe supported way that puts their recovery at the heart of everything we do.


Alongside making records we host brilliant live events, that bring together music lovers, the recovery, and sober communities, sharing the enjoyment of music made by our artists.

If you've got more questions, head on over to the FAQ's page where hopefully you'll find what you're looking for. 

If not, drop us a message on the contact us page.


If you're done with questions and just want to hear some great music, just scroll down and see what we have to offer.


If the music's not your thing why not check out the We Are Not Saints podcast at the link below!

Stay safe, be cool, big Love!


Chris and The Team

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                        OUT NOW!                        

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I Miss You Mum.
The debut single from Hip-Hop legend in the making.

Available NOW on all major streaming services and download via We Are Not Saints, Itunes, and Amazon.
Click the image to hear more!

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An album inspired by what it is to be in Recovery during Lockdown.

When isolation is the enemy and our connections are the key to our  survival.

The first-ever vinyl release from We Are Not Saints, and limited to just 200 copies, these collected tracks feature; Callum Johnstone, Full Spectrum, Deiphos Jay, Annie Murray, Jimtrickster, Helena B, 40wildsages, and Man Like Malcolm. Grab this awesome piece of We Are Not Saints history now!

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